1. Issarachon Foundation

The Issarachon Foundation is an organization that works with the less fortunate, living in the public or ‘homeless’ individuals in Thailand.



2. ‘Try Arm’ underwear Fair Trade Fashoin

Triumph’s former union employees have now begun to produce TRY ARM undergarments and swimwear according to principles of sweat-free labor and workers’ self-management.



3. Redfam Fund – fund for political prisoners in Thailand

Redfam Fund was set up in 2011 after a group of activists, academics, and intellectuals became aware of the plight of the redshirt protesters in Ubon Ratchathani and Chiang Mai, who had been arrested and tried on various charges related to the April-May 2010 incident. Most of these protesters were responsible for their family’s income; their imprisonment put a lot of financial strain on those they left behind.

The goal is to ease this financial strain for as long as possible. Various campaigns were launched to raise funds. Since then the Fund has been giving 2000 baht monthly to each family of jailed protesters from both provinces. After all in Chiang Mai were released, the Fund has focused on the Ubon Ratchathani prisoners and another case in a Northern Isan province.

Over the past 3 years, many of former redshirt prisoners have been released, but four have been held at the Police Special Detention Compound (also known as Laksi Prison). Currently, the Fund is taking care of 5 families with a total amount of 10000 baht monthly. If you would like to help these families, please make a donation through a wire transfer to our account:


Account number: 393-023434-3

Swift Code: KRTHTHBK

Account name: Kingkarn Samnuanyen or Sanoh Charoenporn or Saowanee T. Alexander

Krung Thai Bank, Ubon Ratchathani University Branch

Ubon Ratchathani Province, Thailand


Learn more about political prisoners in Thailand here :