Unforgettable, 2008

Installation / Photograph / video

2 videos installation with 9 photographs

I began my experiment in searching my own memories through a place, which is a stadium. 13 years ago, the stadium gave me a powerful memory, but when the memory was fainted by the change of time, I want to use this experience to be an experimental tool in searching for the nature of memories that happened, impressed and gone. The searching for memories through a place in this time will be checked by making parallel experiments that let the other person give definition to the other place by using his own experience in giving memories to that place.

After that I experiment to find the meaning of the place. The Question is that can we find the definition of memories from the place itself? Is the place is the origin of one’s memories? This experiment might help in telling us about the birth of memories.
In the last step of this experiment, I have someone make a definition of my own memories and fill it. I am interested in the works of photo laboratory’s technician since the technician’s job is to express and preserve memories of people in our society. So, I want the photo laboratory’s technician to change his duty of preserving into fulfilling or producing memories in this work. This would be another way to find the definition of human’s memories.

In creating this work, I use dialectics to find the meaning of memories in various point of view, and to find the limit of reason in explanation and expression of human’s memories. Each part of work will counter themselves.