Transit Inn, 2009

sound / video / Installation / Photograph

2 videos, 2 photographs and 8 sounds installation

Parley with the Past and one night in a hotel

The Transit Inn series (2009) was screened within one night at the Santitam Hotel, Chiang Mai, in May of 2009.
Pausing to reminisce and converse with our memories can allow us the opportunity to question our existence within the boundaries and laws of time.
The most pressing question I have at this moment is the issue of human healing, and how people use the past to preserve all the meaningful moments and events in their lives, and how this helps them to survive in the present. This question is impossible to resolve with my thoughts alone, requiring everyone’s involvement to seek and continue to question, and perhaps will only be possible when there is contribution and collective effort in a shared environment.

I believe that our ability to receive and reveal the stories surrounding one another’s lives, while a simple and ordinary act, can help to preserve the meaning of our individual existence. When we become aware of what lies beyond the perceivable present, the exterior that is presented to us by someone else, no matter how grand an act, or how seemingly insignificant an event, can bring us closer to the true image that we have of each other.

If memories are the products of our travels through the current of time, in order to review and absorb the information, we may need to stop and rest along the way. Hotels are a good metaphor for rest stops, where we allow ourselves to stop while awaiting the next steps in our journey, a bookmark that represents the point between what has already taken place on our travels and what lies ahead of us in our path. The time we spend here is like a void in which we may rest, reminisce, and even relive things, so that one night’s rest here can help us come to terms with ourselves, after a long and weary journey.