The Books of Discipline, 2012

Installation / performance

in collaboration with Apichatpong Weerasethakul

as a part of  Ça & là (This & There)


There is a grocery store 300 meters away from our house. It is painted red as a political statement by its owner. At night the place is turned into a bar, attracting some lonely souls who drift by for a few drinks and a few Karaoke tunes. They are momentarily lost, engulfed by the sleepy red lights.

We will create a mini library at this bar. Our library is limited to comic books, with only ghost stories, and only from one publisher. These pocket-size comics from this company always havesome of the texts translated into English, discreetly. A word or a sentence is taken from a page that it appears, and is written like footnotes, e.g. ‘no evidence’,

‘I will kill you’, ‘here we are’.

The customers can take their favorite comics home, share with their- wives, husbands, and kids, the ghosts and the English.