sound / Installation / text

in collaboration with Thanachai Ujjin

May 7th at Salle 37, Palais de Tokyo


Song : King Kong Eats Banana(King Kong Kin Kluay) 4.17 minutes

Musa Dwarf Cavendish  175 cm. x 70 cm.

Styrofoam  30 cm. x 40 cm.



In my younger years, I recalled, a mobile cinema once a month came to an empty field next to my house. They would put up a movie screen in the middle and lots posts around the area, and framed them with big tarpaulin sheets to enclose and demarcate a temporary outdoor cinema. At night, I saw a gigantic glowing light box emitting lights and sounds that people could see and hear clearly from afar. I envisioned an imaginary movie inspired on the spur of the moment when looking at that outdoor cinema without getting inside.

Thanachai Ujjin, a Thai rock star, composed his own version of soundtrack for King Kong and the empire state scene. Someone said when a rock musician made a love song, it will be the most sweetest love song. For ‘King Kong Eats Banana’, Ujjin asked a violinist who is his impossible lover to play along.

At Salle 37 in the heart of Palais de Tokyo, a banana tree is invited to witness the transformation of this cinema space, to see how did the first cinematheque in France mutated.

This work is an investigation of exoticism of both space and time.



Commissioned by Le Pavilion Neuflize OBC, Palais de Tokyo