Imitations, 2015

Imitations, 2015

White Space Gallery

curated by Chol Janepraphaphan


Pascal    6×6 inches Digital print

Troy       10×8 inches Digital print

Ai            24×16 inches Digital print

Villager  12×10 inches  Digital print

Comet    8×8 inches  Digital print

Chai         4×6 inches  Digital print

Banana Tree & Knife  12×10 inches  Digital print



Last years I often dreamt of big fire in my garden. It started from banana tree to mango tree, and tamarin to coconut tree. They were almost gone and I fear that there will be none of them in my next dream. Sometimes the visual cut to an image of the unknown king.

I can not tell which one is the worse nightmare, whether me being asleep or awaked. The military takes control over the country. I want to wake up from this dream but I can’t. I feel like there is a ghost sitting on my chest and close my eyes with its hands.